• Global Expertises

Established in 1992, PROMY is a group of global business experts that has helped its U.S. customers in sourcing and custom synthesis for the chemical industry. Our expertise is in the knowledge of chemical processes and laboratory custom synthesis with the ability in establishing sound quality assurance programs utilizing our own chemical engineers for inspections. Our mission is to assist you in the global economy for saving cost and continually improving our services at our best for your success. If you think it globally but want to act it locally you may need us.

  • Our Operation

    PROMY provides over 10 chemical labs in the pacific region as your single contact source for chemical material or processing needs. Therefore, you have no language or culture barriers in the global operation. We assume the responsibility for all ocean, duty fees, custom clearances, insurance and delivery. PROMY does not require letters of credit for purchases. Upon approval, all customers have 30-day payment terms after receipt of our shipment. We finance the purchase and also have local inventory programs for many customers with regular monthly purchases.


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